Thursday, 4 April 2013

WolfPlay ~ Step into my world ~ New Rock Album Coming Out Soon

Wolf Play ~ is a Canadian rock band with original songs only coming near you soon!

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 Being a musician and family man takes a lot of sacrifices and dedication... I've been playing for a long time now and have accomplish many many dreams but making an album is just one of them. The music that I write with many songs base on through stories or experience but trying to stay away clear of politics and break up songs. Break up songs are to easy to write and who wants to go to a show and watch a band perform breakup songs. I written one and it's like a fuck you song and one that will make you smile and not sad boring songs. It's call ~I turn my back~ But yes music is a lot of fun with the right songs and if a song makes you think than I think it's a good song. So far in this project being as dedicated as I am, I'm having a lot of fun since I started this WolfPlay project and it's truly become my passion. I learned a lot and only with more time I spend working with this project, the more I'm learning but not only with music but with myself as well.

   Getting ready for some future videos as well... Been experimenting with the chroma key green screen with my video Sony Movie Studio HD software and my Sound Forge Audio Studio. Here was my experiment... Note when sitting in front of a green screen it's very hot and a few fans needed because of the lighting needed to get the job done. In this case I'm going to add more lighting for my future video's.

WolfPlay is just starting to take some bookings already for 2016/17 and am proud to announce that there is already 30 songs ready for recording already in February of 2016. I will have 4 CD's coming out soon, one done acoustic and the other is electric with all original songs ready for recording. I'm looking forward of having the first WolfPlay album out soon. .................................................................................